The Big Big Sound – a non-exhaustive list and history of the moment of Grand Final week 2019

For every AFL Grand Final, an off-field narrative emerges. The fairytale of the Bulldogs in 2016 still captures hearts and minds as one of the most poignant, but 2019 sees a captivating story at the other end of the scale.

One of a big, big sound – and its emergence from the West of a town.

For those not invested in the AFL and culture that it creates, the big, big sound relates to the club song of the GWS Giants. Written by ARIA award winning musician and member of the Cat Empire Harry Angus, music critics have reliably stated that the song “slaps”.

HPN’s own music taxonomy places it as being relatively unique – an outlier for new club songs. It is an original song, but much more than any other it’s successfully echoing the old club songs in spirit, written deliberately to be sung at pace by an excited team of unmusical footballers. It doesn’t, however, follow the old style. Where those fusty old footy songs songs are barbershop renditions of century-old pop or American patriotic songs, Angus’s creation is high tempo, minor key, and cops a bouncy and very brassy German oompah style of group vocals.

For the past week, the internet has been awash with the embrace of the big, big sound – in an “It’s Coming Home” type style. HPN tracked down one of the originators of the meme, to talk about how it took off.



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