Cutler jumps the line at the Dons

It’s hard being just outside a top four team. It’s even harder when the team has a rude run of health, and you’re a utility that cover almost anyone.

After playing at least 11 games a year for the past four years, Tom Cutler only managed three this year – just on the outer of a fast rising Lions outfit. Originally from Victoria, Cutler requested a move home, for both location and opportunity.

Cutler is shown as having about the value of a third rounder according to PAPLEY – indicative of the lack of opportunity he has had to get on the park this year. If he finds a consistent role at the Dons, he could outshoot this projection.

The trade

This trade sees Cutler go for almost exactly his predicted value.

The Lions get almost nothing in return immediately as a result of this trade, with the third rounder next year potentially being used on Academy players.

Verdict: Fair trade all around.


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