The Breakdown – AFL Preliminary Finals

This week, HPN has taken a look at the AFL Preliminary Finals for the ABC (The key factors for Melbourne, Geelong, Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs heading into the AFL preliminary finals), and doubled down for The Breakdown.

The Breakdown largely looks at a prototype of a Advanced Stats Dashboard, which is powered by data provided by Richard Little.

The statistics shown are by team, by defence (ie, opponent data) and by player:

  • Totals for each stat per game.
  • Points scored from chains (for example, stoppage clearance chains are scores where the chain of possession began with a stoppage clearance).
  • Direct points sored (Scores where the immediately preceding action was the selected stat (for example, a contested mark direct score came from the very kick after that mark).

Due to coding/data issues, there may be some issues with rare stats leading in scores and for player averages per game.

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