TRADE: Hawks Replace Sam With Tom #AFLTrades

We’ve already looked at this one earlier this week, so we will keep this valuation quick.

Tom Mitchell VALUE.JPG

Tom Mitchell is a very, very talented young midfielder, a two-way player who can hit the scoreboard going forward. Although every club needs a Tom Mitchell, the Swans are probably the best placed club to lose him, considering the presence of Parker and Kennedy, with Heeney also emerging.

Tom Mitchell FINAL.JPG

Even though the Swans are getting a solid pick in 14, that’s nothing compared to what Mitchell is expected to produce in the coming decade. Mitchell is one of the most promising midfielders in the competition, and there’s little debate about it. The difference in value for the third round exchange barely warrants mentioning – the HPN chart shows that pick 57 would produce six fewer adjusted games than pick 52. By the third round most clubs draft for need, rather than on pure talent, and as such the picks become closer from a value standpoint.

Verdict: The Hawks make out like bandits here.


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