AFL Cairns – Hard Hits and Funnies (HPN on ABC)

It could be some sneaky nostalgia talking, but there are few players more eye catching in the modern game than Charlie Dixon. At first glance he’s the most recent in a long line of key position forwards who can clunk a big grab – but he’s much more than that.

This week on Aunty, HPN looks at Big Charlie, the pride of Cairns. There’s a lot to like about him, and much like his lovingly restored cars, it’s what’s under the hood that matters. His presence and ability to take big grabs at the right time, draws the defence away and gives the rest of the Port forward line room to work.

Most big forwards have a reputation of being poor below their knees, but that’s been changing. Forwards like Jeremy Cameron, the King brothers and Tom Hawkins are surprisingly able when the ball hits the deck.

Count Dixon among those nimble bigs.

The ABC piece goes into Dixon in more depth, and Cairns as an outpost of Australian football beyond the historical Barassi Line.

That line is breaking down more year by year, and Dixon is indeed part of the league’s modern expanded talent pool.

But that’s not why you are here. Or why this post has been written.

Instead, it’s AFL Cairns Hard Hits and Funnies time.

AFL Cairns Hard Hits and Funnies through the years

The AFL Cairns HHAF videos are the best kept secret among footy videos online. Largely circulating via chat groups until now, the HHAFs combine the hardest and worst moments of one of the most passionate leagues going.

If there’s any justice in the world, Charlie Dixon will retire here to kick 200 goals a year in this competition until he’s 50.


As best as available info indicates, the first HHAF video came in 2015.

Song: ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ – Justin Timberlake.

First highlight: A funny.

Does a player leap the fence: Yes.

Last highlight: Kids hopping onto the field during play.

Memorable moment: The half second before this guy crosses up his own legs attempting a kick and he falls badly.

2016 (Hits, Bumps, Tackles & Bloopers)

Song: ‘Feel So Close’ – Calvin Harris.

First highlight: A hard hit.

Does a player leap the fence: Nearly, but no.

Last highlight: Player kicks the ball into his teammate’s face.

Memorable moment: The guy going over the top for this speccy and the guy at the bottom ending up with the mark.

2017 (Hard Hits – no funnies)

Song: ‘I’m Still Standing’ – Elton John.

First highlight: A hard hit.

Does a player leap the fence: No.

Last highlight: Player runs straight into the post (the funniest hard hit).

Memorable moment: The title card.

2018 (Big Hits & Funny Bits)

Song: ‘Feel The Love’ – Rudimental ft John Newman.

First highlight: After a goal umpire signalling a goal, a hard hit.

Does a player leap the fence: Yes!


Last highlight: Ball bounces in front of the behind post and takes a right hand turn through the goals.

Memorable moment: That second fence leap. Guy has hops

2019 (Hard Hits & Funnies)

Song: ‘Can’t Hold Us’ – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton.

First highlight: Player runs into the goal umpire, who seems to severely injure their knee.

Does a player leap the fence: Yes.

Last highlight: Help on the scoreboard.

Memorable moment: The score is help.

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