The Suns Bet Big On Weller; Freo Bet Small On Matera

Although these are separate trades, they seem inherently interrelated.

MateraSchache Player Card

Weller Card.JPG

Weller projects really well for a 21 year old – though it must be stated that the data on Weller at this point of his career is limited. It is highly likely that he at least becomes a solid cog for the Suns for the next decade – which is the sort of thing you would hope for as the lower expectations of a number 2 draft pick.

Weller TRade.JPG

Matera has shown flashes in his time at the Gold Coast, but occasionally went completely missing. Freo should see Matera surrounded by more talent, and able to play a smaller role.

Matera Trade.JPG

Verdict: A pair of fair trades

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