The Mid-Season AFLW All-Australian Team

We’ll get to our customary (and rough) power rankings at the end of the post, but we thought we’d run through who stands out as the HPN Midseason AA side – as determined by our PAV ranking system. Here’s where PAV ranks the AFLW at the end of four weeks of footy:

PlayerClubPAVOffPAVDefPAVMidPAV TotalMatches
Emma KearneyWB9.3413.5310.8833.754
Chelsea RandallADEL8.9217.215.7031.824
Ellie BlackburnWB8.679.706.5524.924
Phoebe McWilliamsGWS19.592.871.9224.384
Brooke LochlandWB17.791.614.5323.934
Kate LutkinsBL3.4817.632.7623.874
Emma KingCOLL11.484.957.4223.844
Daisy PearceMELB5.307.2211.2323.764
Maddison GayCARL10.384.568.7723.724
Courtney GumGWS8.197.097.7022.994
Dana HookerFRE9.235.648.1122.974
Jess WuetschnerBL17.092.512.9422.554
Ebony MarinoffADEL4.367.9310.0622.354
Elise O'DeaMELB6.578.326.5021.384
Alicia EvaGWS4.637.289.2521.164
Stephanie ChiocciCOLL7.766.326.9221.004
Laura DuryeaMELB-0.5120.420.4320.344
Christina BernardiCOLL12.492.724.3919.604
Kara DonnellanFRE3.637.448.5019.564
Ashlee AtkinsFRE11.383.674.3119.354
Alexandra AndersonBL5.797.485.6018.874
Erin PhillipsADEL14.341.033.3118.692
Hannah ScottWB2.6713.492.4418.604
Ruth WallaceADEL11.631.884.9818.494
Amanda FarrugiaGWS3.568.386.3718.314
Alison DownieCARL6.928.712.5018.124
Libby BirchWB0.0017.031.0618.094
Sarah AllanADEL1.4514.711.6317.794
Rhiannon MetcalfeADEL8.922.216.4617.594
Darcy VescioCARL11.154.132.2517.534
Jamie StantonBL4.647.485.4017.524
Ebony AntonioFRE3.6312.021.7617.414
Richelle CranstonMELB11.621.244.5117.374
Chloe MolloyCOLL1.3514.281.7217.354
Caitlyn EdwardsCOLL7.434.575.2917.294
Breann MoodyCARL6.346.394.4917.224
Jacinda BarclayGWS12.822.451.9417.214
Tayla HarrisCARL10.192.803.9516.943
Nicola StevensCARL5.388.652.8816.924
Jessica Dal PosGWS4.635.965.7716.364
Ashleigh GuestMELB2.789.464.0216.264
Melissa CaulfieldFRE9.893.292.9116.094
Emily BatesBL2.328.245.4215.974
Britt TullyGWS5.702.947.2315.874
Tegan CunninghamMELB13.83-0.582.5515.804
Sabrina Frederick-TraubBL6.886.202.6715.754
Kate HoreMELB8.843.543.3615.734
Shelley ScottMELB11.360.703.6215.684
Jenna McCormickADEL12.021.751.8615.633
Karen PaxmanMELB5.305.085.2215.604
Moana HopeCOLL14.180.381.0215.593
Erin McKinnonGWS8.192.974.0515.214
Rebecca BeesonGWS4.996.833.3815.204
Sarah HoskingCARL4.614.805.6115.024
Jaimee LambertCOLL4.395.065.3114.764
Hayley MillerFRE4.953.955.7814.684
Brittany GibsonBL6.662.865.0614.584
Amelia BardenCOLL6.083.425.0814.584
Jasmine GarnerCOLL5.914.913.5514.374
Jess HoskingCARL4.236.074.0714.374
Gabriella PoundCARL0.7711.591.9714.334
Lara FilocamoFRE2.317.284.7414.334
Aisling UtriWB5.566.362.3014.224
Bonnie ToogoodWB8.733.362.1214.214
Kirsty LambWB3.784.635.6814.094
Belinda SmithFRE1.658.923.3213.894
Jenna BrutonWB4.675.843.3813.884
Aasta O'ConnorWB4.065.724.0013.774
Gabby O'SullivanFRE7.251.574.7213.544
Nicole HildebrandBL1.1610.002.2113.364
Angelica GogosWB3.342.507.4313.264
Melissa KuysCOLL5.404.852.9613.214
Jess DuffinCOLL4.058.140.8113.003
Lisa WebbFRE5.284.193.5312.993
Shae AudleyCARL4.232.266.3412.834
Tahlia RandallBL8.40-2.346.5112.574
Melissa HickeyMELB2.786.573.1812.544
Leah KaslarBL0.949.961.6012.504
Angela FoleyADEL2.716.952.7212.383
Cora StauntonGWS9.970.302.0712.344
Amy LavellFRE10.550.820.9212.294
Cassie DavidsonFRE0.3310.451.4212.204
Elle BennettsGWS3.564.604.0412.204
Ashley SharpFRE5.614.192.3712.164
Dayna CoxADEL1.948.511.5512.003
Meg DownieMELB0.259.612.1311.994
Breanna KoenenBL2.617.282.0511.944
Evangeline GoochFRE1.329.471.0111.804
Aliesha NewmanMELB6.822.292.6711.784
Cecilia McIntoshCOLL4.054.473.1311.654
Kaitlyn AshmoreBL6.952.162.3611.474
Nat ExonBL4.134.842.4611.433
Justine MulesADEL3.103.444.8311.374
Brittany BonniciCOLL1.695.623.8611.174
Eloise JonesADEL3.493.793.7311.004
Brianna DaveyCARL1.547.701.6810.922
Shannon CampbellBL1.168.641.1010.893
Katie BrennanWB8.341.071.4410.853
Bianca JakobssonMELB0.259.111.4610.824
Jordan ZanchettaBL2.614.673.3710.654
Stevie-Lee ThompsonADEL1.946.452.2710.654
Emma ZielkeBL2.612.865.1710.644
Katie LoynesCARL4.612.903.0210.533
Emma GrantCOLL1.696.082.5110.284
Monique ContiWB3.783.872.5610.204
Phoebe MonahanGWS-0.719.920.8410.053
Sophie LiCARL2.314.483.2510.044
Kerryn HarringtonCARL1.156.272.6010.034
Iilish RossCOLL-0.689.880.609.814
Nicola BarrGWS-0.368.531.599.764
Alicia JanzFRE3.792.263.589.634
Sharni WebbBL4.711.543.359.594
Stephanie CainFRE0.665.992.789.434
Alex WilliamsFRE0.338.530.549.404
Emma SwansonGWS1.784.642.889.303
Lauren BrazzaleCARL4.231.313.699.233
Pepa RandallGWS0.717.091.389.194
Naomi FerresWB1.783.993.289.054
Katherine SmithMELB0.007.421.609.024
Kate McCarthyBL5.210.153.538.904
Danielle HardimanCARL0.777.420.568.753
Ellie BrushGWS1.076.451.148.664
Aimee SchmidtGWS6.410.911.338.653
Sarah PerkinsADEL6.11-0.032.548.614
Arianna ClarkeBL0.586.880.978.434
Lauren SparkWB0.007.890.498.384
Lauren TesorieroCOLL2.702.413.218.323
Tanya HetheringtonGWS-0.368.530.138.304
Lauren ArnellCARL5.770.521.838.122
Emma HumphriesMELB2.533.981.558.063
Tiarna ErnstWB1.724.092.238.054
Rheanne LuggADEL1.554.601.908.053
Deni VarnhagenADEL-0.785.193.247.664
Erin HoareMELB4.42-0.403.267.294
Tilly Lucas-RoddCARL1.154.641.477.263
Jasmine GriersonMELB1.
Katherine Gillespie-JonesCARL1.733.881.196.793
Lily MithenMELB1.522.243.016.764
Sophie CaseyCOLL0.345.171.146.653
Courtney CrameyADEL4.650.561.436.641
Kate ShierlawCARL4.900.211.466.574
Jessica AllanADEL2.813.030.716.554
Sophie ConwayBL6.08-0.701.006.383
Leah MascallFRE1.652.861.866.374
Georgia BevanADEL1.942.941.466.344
Lauren PearceMELB4.100.751.246.093
Jasmyn HewettADEL0.484.390.885.764
Stacey BarrFRE3.300.981.395.663
Stacey LivingstoneCOLL0.004.680.955.632
Jodie WhiteFRE2.641.381.505.524
Meg HutchinsCOLL3.710.441.335.492
Emily McGuireFRE4.290.230.745.262
Abbey HolmesADEL3.101.500.595.203
Marijana RajcicADEL0.004.350.805.152
Georgia GeeCARL2.311.671.155.133
Tara MorganCOLL-0.345.100.154.922
Alyssa MifsudMELB4.29-0.050.594.842
Isabel HuntingtonWB4.73-0.590.584.712
Catherine PhillipsMELB0.003.041.634.674
Nicole CallinanWB1.781.611.214.604
Madeleine BoydGWS0.273.480.744.492
Renee ForthGWS0.362.081.994.424
Eliza HynesCOLL2.110.241.734.082
Natalie PlaneCARL0.382.620.963.962
Sally RileyADEL1.551.251.033.832
Harriet CordnerMELB1.391.001.443.821
Hayley WildesWB1.331.051.443.823
Renee TomkinsGWS0.003.660.103.761
Jessica SedunaryADEL-0.391.003.123.734
Gemma HoughtonFRE1.151.630.743.522
Sarah D'ArcyCOLL2.36-0.140.973.192
Anna TeagueMELB0.512.640.033.181
Bailey HuntWB0.442.540.173.163
Bree WhiteCOLL-0.682.411.373.113
Jodie HicksGWS1.420.750.863.043
Talia RadanADEL-0.783.690.022.932
Deanna BerryWB0.441.051.442.933
Madeline KerykCARL0.002.380.352.731
Brianna GreenFRE0.661.330.702.691
Tiah HaynesFRE0.002.390.152.531
Ruby SchleicherCOLL-1.353.390.272.313
Isabella AyreBL0.870.550.792.212
Sarah DarganCOLL0.001.260.772.032
Maddy CollierGWS0.001.960.052.011
Brooke PattersonMELB0.001.690.271.972
Rachael KillianADEL0.391.060.401.852
Courtney WebbCARL0.380.830.561.781
Megan HuntBL0.290.800.541.631
Sarah LastCARL0.381.110.121.622
Kirsten McLeodWB0.670.320.551.541
Laura BaileyWB0.670.040.661.371
Maddy GuerinMELB0.510.000.851.351
Daria BannisterWB0.67-0.040.571.191
Reni HicksCARL-0.381.230.241.093
Philippa SmythGWS0.090.700.200.991
Bridie KennedyCARL0.000.910.050.971
Gabby CollingwoodBL0.000.700.200.903
Katie-Jayne GrieveCARL0.000.400.350.751
Sophie ArmitsteadADEL0.000.690.050.741
Emma PittmanBL0.290.050.340.681
Kim RennieWB0.50-0.240.310.571
Anne HatchardADEL0.000.380.100.481
Emma MackieWB0.
Holly WhitfordCOLL-0.68-0.170.910.062
Rebecca PrivitelliGWS-0.360.040.13-0.191
Jessica AndersonWB-0.22-0.08-0.02-0.321
Louise StephensonGWS-0.710.040.32-0.362

Following on from the infamous memo, we are setting up the team in 5-6-5 format, with five more on the bench. We’re looking at two factors here – overall PAV and component PAV – i.e. making sure that the side is well balanced and could actually play a game of football together.


Laura Duryea (Melb), Kate Lutkins (BL), Chelsea Randall (Adel), Libby Birch (WB), Sarah Allen (Adel).

There’s only one returner from the actual 2017 All-Australian team in this group, namely Randall from Adelaide. Up until her injury Bri Davey was a fixture in this list, and Duryea will probably end up sliding from contention by the end of the season. Hannah Scott, Ebony Antonio and Chloe Molloy are a little bit unlucky not to be in the team to date, but they will certainly be in the mix as the season comes to a head.


Emma King (ruck, Collingwood), Emma Kearney (WB), Daisy Pearce (Melb), Ebony Marinoff (Adel), Alicia Eva (GWS), Ellie Blackburn (WB).

The Bulldogs contribute their two powerhouses in Kearney and Blackburn here, however you could easily throw them at either end of the ground to plug gaps. If you had to throw someone behind the ball (hypothetically of course), Daisy Pearce performs the sweeper role with aplomb.


Phoebe McWilliams (GWS), Brooke Lochland (WB), Jess Wuetschner (BL), Erin Phillips (Adel), Ruth Wallace (Adel).

The contentious call here is to overlook Moana Hope, who currently sits 5th for OffPAV, but outside the top 50 for overall PAV. It really is a judgement call, and her case is perhaps hurt by the misguided call to drop her earlier in the season. If she continues her current form, and Collingwood continues where they left off against Melbourne last week, she should be in the mix for at least a squad spot at the end of the year.  However, the five forwards listed here have been very strong so far this year, and have a good balance between tall and small.


Maddison Gay (Carl), Courtney Gum (GWS), Dana Hooker (Fre), Elise O’Dea (Melb), Stephanie Chiocci (Coll).

There are several players here who might feel hard done by; Molloy, Bernardi, Donnellan, Atkins, Anderson, Farrugia, Metcalfe and Cranston especially. But the five listed above have all had stellar moments in the season so far. Gum in particular has made a massive impact for GWS after being overlooked by Adelaide, a reverse Perkins if you will.

As a whole, there are five Crows and four Bulldogs dominating the side, with all sides at least having one representative. This will change by the end of the year, but it’s a good indication of who is doing well to date (and who to watch out for in the month ahead).

Power Rankings

We’re going to keep it brief this week, so you can read it before the bounce.

  1. Brisbane

Brisbane have lost one game so far in the Home and Away season in the history of the competition. Sometimes they win ugly, sometimes they win with the benefit of luck, but they still just win.

2. Western Bulldogs

The Bulldogs annihilated the souls of Carlton last week, and firmly have one foot in the Grand Final. The emergence of Lochland was a good sign last week, but Carlton looked extremely flat last week (and in the preceding weeks as well if we are being perfectly honest). Anna Harrington’s piece on the Dogs is worth a look if you haven’t read it yet, by the way. If the Dogs can continue this play against the stronger teams of the competition, they might even move into favoritism.

3. Adelaide

It’s going to be very hard for the Crows to make a second straight Grand Final, but the current Crows side is a world away from the unit that played in the first two weeks. Adelaide will have to win out and rely on results going their way elsewhere to make Week 8, but on form they can probably uphold their end of the bargain.

4. Melbourne

Two ugly weeks by the former frontrunners sees the Demons in a precarious position. Whilst fate still largely rests at their feet, they will have to pick up their game after the awful performances of the last two weeks. The Demons seemed to tire badly in both weeks, and the immense travel load (and heat) couldn’t have helped much. There’s no margin for error – they need to win this week to stay with a realistic chance to lift the Cup.

5. GWS

GWS were unlucky to lose last week, and have been the most improved side this year. If not for a bad free kick call ending in a goal last week, and a storm against Carlton, the Giants might sit at 3-1 and in a prime position for the GF. Instead, they are firmly on the outside looking in.

6. Fremantle

Fremantle are starting to hit their straps despite the close loss to the Lions last week. The load is starting to be shared by the squad more, and it feels that they finally have an identity. The 2019 season is starting to look a little brighter.

7. Carlton

The Blues were utterly blown out of the water last week. What they can do to fix the issues of last week is a little unknown; perhaps throwing Harris down back might compensate for the loss of Davey. But things don’t look that bright right now.

8. Collingwood

The Pies are coming off perhaps the finest win of the time in the competition to date, but they still can’t rise off the bottom. The reason: one week of good football doesn’t compensate for three weeks of bad football. But like last year, they seem to be waking up just as all hope of finals football disappears.

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