HPN’s 2018 AFL Draft LIVE BLOG

That’s right, a live blog! After covering the last draft exclusively live from the side of a highway between Canberra and Sydney, HPN will cover this one LIVE and IN THE ROOM (specifically the lounge room).

Key Resources

Before you get into it below, check out the final Consensus Phantom Draft and a piece HPN wrote for ABC today on how height and position intersects with the draft.

The Draft

One comment

  1. assuming you use the pick values in Sean’s chart the only way Adelaide comes out ahead in its pick swap with Carlton is if it finishes 1st and Carlton finishes lower than 6th OR Adelaide finishes 2nd and Carlton finishes lower than 13th. In all other scenarios Carlton comes out in front based on points. E.g.. if Adelaide finishes 3rd and Carlton finishes last, Carlton still wins the trade.

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