It’s OVER – Saying goodbye to the 2015 AFL Trade Period

After a hectic last day, the 2015 AFL Trade Period is officially over! Here’s a quick “by-the-numbers” look:

  • 37 trades were lodged;
  • 4 Free Agents moved clubs;
  • 3 Compensation picks were generated;
  • 15 trades involved future draft picks;
  • 7 trades involved draft picks alone;
  • 3 trades were made involving more than two teams;
  • 13 players whose first names start with the letter “J” were traded.

HPN ended up writing 32 articles in the less than two weeks, but it felt like a lot more. We’d like to extend our thanks to all those who submitted comments and read our articles, and all of those who engage with us over Twitter, on Reddit, via Facebook and on the site itself.

We will be back with a recap of the entire period over the weekend, with a list of winners and losers. After that, HPN’s focus changes to the AFL draft, with the first edition of the Consensus Phantom Draft hopefully being released sometime next week.

Thanks for reading, and watch this space.


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