The Bell Tolls For Brisbane #AFLTrades

Tom Bell’s Player Value – 1180 points

Carlton value in = 1480 points – 960 points (Pick 21) and 520 points (Pick 60).

Brisbane value in = 1950 points – 1180 points (Tom Bell) and 770 points (pick 41).

Verdict – Unfair trade (Brisbane gains 470 points of pick and player value, or 1.31 points back for every point given up).

Newly minted Brisbane Lion Tom Bell is perhaps the perfect combination of two classic draft stereotypes – the mature age recruit and the recruit who goes home. Recruited out of Morningside in Queensland in the Rookie Draft, Bell is an example of a rookie pick that works out, gradually improving in each of his years of AFL football. This year was his breakout year, one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dark year for Carlton. A big bodied midfielder, he has the potential to perfectly compliment some of the outside class that Brisbane has in their engine room, and should compete for a best 22 spot immediately.

To get Bell, Brisbane has had to give up some of its much valued academy point value, around 612 points in the AFL pick system, or pick 31 at actual value (capable of matching up to pick 24). Bell’s value as a player is much more than this, but if a team bids early for Hipwood and Keays it might just put Brisbane in a tight spot.

HPN sees Brisbane winning this trade, as Bell should turn out to be a decent recruit for them, and they didn’t give up a whole lot to get him.

Best/Worst players chosen at each draft position


Pick 21: Matthew Nicks (175 games), Matt Maguire (170 games), Hayden Ballantyne, Ryan Bastinac (144 games)

Pick 41: Tom Hawkins (166 games), Zac Dawson (146 games), Andrew Krakouer (137 games)

Pick 60: Corey Jones (157 games), Brad Scott (168 games), Clint Bartram (103 games)


Pick 21: Tim Williams, Alex Gilmour (0 games), Shane Hodges (16 games)

Pick 41: Brooke Fogden, Ryan Grinter, Ayden Kennedy (0 games)

Pick 60: Tim Scott-Branagan, Tony Polak, Luke Speers, Richard Jones, Cameron Croad, Adam Donohue (0 games)

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